Incredible Indiahhhh!!! Part-Two!!!

Usually I am ranting about the bad system and all about bad society, callous society, irresponsible people even my Incredible Indiahhhh!!! Part One!! had the same ranting about one of the persistent bad habit of the Indians.

That other day I was having a discussion with one of my friends and I said that USA is the Super Power today because the citizen have a national Pride and we do not have that. We are like West Indies a group of Nation uniting together for cricket.

Every day I open the News Paper and I see a variety and wonder our Newspaper is full on Entertainment Package with all Action (Murder, Theft) Drama (Political Drama) melodrama (Lok Sabha) Romance (Oh we are so Page 3 People). I am wondering when will one of this script will get a nomination at the Academy Awards (The Oscars). I find Patriotism is a VIP Minister which visits our poor heart only twice an year.

But then I got a tight slap on my face yesterday (Sunday Evening). it felt real good. Now all the feminists do not get me wrong I am not being a weak typical woman nor am I masochistic over here (I am maybe but that is some other dimension).

I went for watching Mary Kom and no I am not giving a review for the Movie please do visit Vinay Nagaraju's blog on this topic  it is a truly amazing post.

What happened was where the scene comes where Mary finally wins The Women's Amateur World Boxing Championship  for the fourth time and as the custom goes The Indian National Anthem is played. I was in my standing pose thinking that none of  the people will stand (A few years back Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum had the National Anthem played but no one but me stood up) but then the tight slap on my face came. Four youngsters of 20 to 25 years of age just sitting in the row in front of me stood up fraction of seconds before me and slowly the whole movie hall stood up just seeing five of us. Tears started flowing down my cheeks as I sang along the tune. The four people also were wiping tears. Every soul in that hall felt proud, felt Indian.

As I left the hall I held my husband's hand and said to my mother and him that, "All hope is not lost, we will overcome someday." That night I slept peacefully. The newspaper today is the same but I am hopeful and my hope is on the youth...including me.