For Introverts

It is an odd array of things my life is made of. Yes, generally I do not write much about myself or my life in my blogs.A mention or two about my life in the comments of the blogs which touch my heart is generally the norm. This is the rare occasion where I am not hiding behind a Devyani, The Tunnel Of Mirrors, My Love or many other things. This time it is just me, pure and unadulterated me. To start of with I was a shy and Introvert child. I was so introvert and so quiet that people either thought I am either to abnormal or too proud. But I was shy and painfully introvert.

Living in a society where as a children it is normal to be loud, demanding, unruly and in short it was a thing of pride to be a Brat. I was sure the odd ball. People had all kind of assumptions. The questions never left my parents:

Why  is your child so silent?
Is she good in studies?
Is she normal?
Is she crazy?
Have you seen a doctor/psychiatrist?
Your child is too proud?

A simple thing as being an Introvert was a big issue. No, nothing was wrong with me.I was not dumb. Infact I topped the class. I was not lazy.I was very active. I just remained silent. Why? It was because it was my personality type.

Human Personality has various classification criteria. One of the many criteria is:






Introvert is a personality type where a person keeps to oneself and is not outspoken. The person who is an introvert more sensitive to the inwards. Generally this person thinks a lot about past, future and sometimes present. An Introvert is someone with a very strong emotional Bubble.

Extrovert is a person who is outgoing and loves to interact. Extrovert mostly loves to live in the present. Extrovert is more sensitive towards the happenings around and outwards.

Ambivert is somewhere in between these two.

A person who is introvert generally creates a lot of mystery around him or her. The simple reason being the person is so quiet and can't be reached. People generally perceive that their is a fortress surrounding them and this is true to some extent.

So, what do you do when you are an introvert and face questions like this:

Why don't you talk?
Over heard: haven't you heard their daughter is abnormal she is an introvert?
Advice: What is wrong with you? Have almonds it will increase your brain!
Over heard; She keeps quiet since she broke up with that guy....heard she was sleeping with them.

My reactions were of:
My jaw dropped
Aunty Please I top the class, I am the House Vice Captain.
Oh Really!! make me meet "That Guy" with whom I was head over heels in love let me also see how he looks like.

But then sense crept into me. I chose to ignore things and pass them off with a smile. As an introvert I tend to over think and contemplate then sulk but then I chose not to. I came in terms with the fact that i am introvert.

So, The first thing accept what you are and be cool about it.

Remember if you are not happy and at peace about yourself you are not at peace with the world.

The one person that matters the most in this world to you is you. So, to be happy is your topmost priority.


To the parents of introvert children:

Never force your child to be outspoken.

An Introvert child is more perceptive than the ordinary child. The child is introvert so, will have a very strong self bubble.For the child you are in the bubble. You accept the child the child accepts you.. Do this from your heart as an introvert child  can sometimes read your thoughts.

Do not force the child to share if the child doesn't want. Let it pass. But keep an eye on the daily activities. Introvert have a high threshold of pain. The best thing they can bear huge amount of pressure. The bad part you will never know when they have a burnout.

Never emotionally blackmail an introvert child. Never suspect an introvert child without solid proofs. You might say "Get out, you are not my child!" and it might create a permanent scar.

Do you know what is an introvert's favourite pass time? it's thinking and deciphering meanings. Never ever accuse an introvert without proper proof. They have a tendency to hold a grudge and answer it in ways unfathomable. Even if it is a negation, it might break their self confidence and push them further in a shell.