In the Midst of All Chapter Three Part Two, stay

When Devyani came out from the bath, Mrinal was awake, still lying in the bed, "You are looking fresh and beautiful. Sorry, I kept you up all night, talking what not, I didn't realize when I fell asleep, you must be thinking, 'what is this guy, how can he sleep around with random women and am I just one on the list'. I wonder while thinking all this you could actually sleep."

"Don't over think and over estimate yourself, there are many reasons for me, other than you to keep me up all night" Devyani smiled while rubbing her  hair with the towel, "And since you have got up early let's go out and fetch some breakfast as I am starving, you can come back after that and take a bath and all."

"All right let me brush and freshen up a bit while you carry on with your grooming though I would love to see the magic potion used on that but then never mind."

"There is no magic in this world."
"Well you are magical, so, are you out of this world?"
"Whoa! From where does all these nonsense comes from Mr. Mrinal Saxena?" Devyani said with a sarcasm filled smile.

"You are a bong aren't you supposed to be a bit sweeter?"

"Bitter sweet that's me. Now hurry up, I am famished."

"Just stop falling in love with her by every passing second. She is not even properly attracted towards you." Mrinal said to the mirror while brushing his teeth. Ten minutes later they were having tea and bread by the roadside that's all they could manage in the half woken winter sky of Delhi.

The entire day they roamed seeing places, Qutub Minar, Lodhi Gardens and so on and Devyani went on blabbering about the history of the place. "Let's catch a metro and catch a movie, shall we?" Mrinal managed to speak amongst the encyclopedic attack.

"Yes, sure why not. So, sorry I become a preacher sometimes."

At the metro station Mrinal boasted about the Delhi Metro infrastructure and Devyani listened intently.
"Kolkata has metro since 1984." Devyani finally spoke.
"Hey you don't even live there."
"Yes,I kind of wish to."
"Home sick?"
"No, just felt I should say that."
"Virudh" the movie that was playing, they bought two tickets, the hall was sparsely filled, they settled down, the movie was about a father fighting for the sake of his posthumous son's justice.Devyani always found family relations her weakness, she was absorbed in the movie when Mrinal held Devyani's hand softly and when Devyani looked towards Mrinal,startled he was looking at the screen contended,no,  he was not watching the movie.
Devyani was silent all the way they reached at their room after dinner and lied silently side by side. They laid awake for an hour and then suddenly Mrinal turned to his side traced his finger from Devyani's earlobe to her lower jaw bone to her chin lifted her chin and softly kissed her on the lips and then her forehead. "Stay." just one word he spoke and laid there wrapping his hands around her and inhaling in the air through her hair. Devyani laid awake, her mind reverting to the chasm of her heart.

The phone rang Devyani got up with a start. It was her Dad calling. She took the phone got up from the bed and cleared her throat and received the call."Yes, Babai  Good Morning"
"Good Morning! How is my princess today. Mom is missing you come on in."
"Sure Babai, I will be there within noon." she said hanging up and jumping into the shower she smiled thinking of her Dad it was he who was missing her and her Mom was too composed to express her feelings this openly. She got ready packed her bags and woke up Mrinal
"Yes, I know breakfast your only proper meal of the day." said Mrinal rubbing his eyes.
"No, I will grab something at the station. I am off to Gwalior, she said gesturing a flight with her hand.
"But I thought you are staying today." said Mrinal a bit shocked.
"Yes, I am sorry Dad called he wants me to be at home today."
"Is everything all right?"
"Yes, absolutely, bye, ciya."
" Hey wait I am coming."Mrinal rushed in the washroom and came out all ready in five minutes later and saw Devyani waiting. They went to the station bought a ticket and boarded the train.

"I wished you could have stayed."said Mrinal finally words left him today for no reason he could fathom.
"I never stay."

The train moved and left the station leaving Mrinal a bit vacant a bit incomplete but then it will be all right as it always is....

To be continued.......

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  1. Oh god. I hate the "to be continued". How much longer till the next part comes out?

    1. Thanks for reading the next part comes out in a day or two

  2. Great going... waiting for the next part...( have to read the earlier ones also )

    Hope you won't mind the nitpicking...there's a small typo " Ten finutes".... :-) correct it please.. :-)

    1. Thanks Mani, Thanks again for such a keen reading...Thanks for the correction suggestion :D its corrected. :)

  3. Yesterday didn't get the time to read through, just voted and moved on.
    Today took the time out on this. Interesting you paused here... I am wondering if Devyani will return at all?


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