In the Midst Of All- Chapter- Minus One, Beginning


"What is your life?........Is it what you live or is it what you feel........." asked he, while looking suddenly and intently at me as if trying to strip search my soul. As he says that the only option now was to look at the blue lake and smile without giving an answer. His questions, I knew will never meet my answers. I was living flexibly in a brittle life, living every moment as it passed by.

There was silence for I don't know what span of time but it was between eternity and a few seconds. 

Then he looked towards the lake and smiled and said breaking the silence "You talk in midst of your silence using the air around you as words" 

 This time I don't look at the blue lake, I look at him, I soak into his stare for as long as I can. At this moment I know he is mine and this I know for sure but the next moment he might be not mine. I don't know and I don't bother anymore. I let my soul feel his amorous stare touch it's existence and let myself live completely for the moment.

But then all good things have a limit otherwise they loose their essence and wander aimlessly. So, I stand and expose my glistening and shimmering diamond of a body to the mellow sun while my feet were digging slowly in the pure white shimmering sun. I look at him and smile. My moment with him is over for now. My thirst for his intimacy around my existence is quenched for now. I don't need him, he is poison for me now. 

I dive. My body feeling the luke warm water of the lake as if it is a soft blue silk.  I swim just like a dolphin coming out and diving in. Above me is a sky as blue as it should be and has never been. A sense of serenity and thrill engulfs me and then I see the white mountain.  I see him again there but only this time he has a different face still trying to strip me down to search my soul........

But then I shout "It’s no use I will not let you know me.......caresses me..........where it matters the most........."  Then I hit something.................and think "Now what was that?.............. 


  1. Hey love the title and the content :) nice !

    1. Thanks Ananya. This is followed by chapter zero and chapter one part one


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