My Identity

When I was born my Dad looked at me and said "Here is my 'Datta'" Datta is the name of a novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and tells the story of a gritty, strong headed, dignified lady fighting the world alone after her father's demise which makes her, against her will the sole heir of an immense property, Dad had read the novel some twenty to twenty five times and had prayed to have a daughter like that. Datta is a Sanskrit word meaning "That is given or sacrificed".

My name "Datta Ghosh" creates a bit of confusion when first heard "why two surnames? Where is the name?" and I have to elaborate but not an issue, my name is more than a name as luck or destiny I don't know but I became so much like the character (only difference I didn't have any estate).

I have memories attached to my name, my name always reminds me that my parents loved me even before any iota of my existence existed. my surname is my Family's blessings, so much so, that I never changed my last name after marriage and I am criticized for it but I say that just because I am married it doesn't change my primary obligation to my family and so, my name and my identity never changes as it was a gift from my parents.