My Valentine

We are the lovers of the dark moon
And when we copulate
Its in midst the hyenas screams
Of that unholy pleasure
Which stems from devouring
The rotten flesh of a being
Who was once born.

We are the lovers of hollow mirth
Which comes when we kiss
In the light of that menacing fury of fire
Which destroys everything around us
As we are too broken to be devoured

Our clammy hands join
In an union of the throbbing of
bloodless black veins
Our dry lips meet
In a desire to quench the thirst
The thirst of eternity
But our toothless smiles
Show us that we are
To remain ever thirsty
In this myriad ocean of lust
You lick my hollow cheekbone
And run your fingers through
My brittle collarbone which
Snaps along with me
And all of me crumbles into a dust
But then you lift me
And hoist my body (if you can still call it)
To the vacant of the sky
I feel the drops of fire
As the falling night dew
and then coming back to my being
We mate and let out screams
So deafening that even stars die out and
fade-this love, this agony, this lust goes on
As the universe crumbles
Around us and dies a silent death


  1. Superb. No similes but dunno why reminds me of Macbeth. and the Vth part - out out brief candle. Just superb Dutta.

    1. Thanks Rahul, Happy to know that it reminds you of Macbeth, Though Its a tribute to my phase where I was falling for Donne and Blake


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