A Synopsis Of Sorts-2

If going by the notion of complete truth we are the creatures who fare the worst in it, We lie to our self and present in front of us the rosy picture of a distorted truth- too afraid to face our own demons but the animals don't have a problem because there conscious and unconscious merge they don't have a mask on their inner libidos or desires which is actually their true nature. But we courtesy our society have to hide our body with clothes and our real mind with a cloak of pretense- ego superego call it whatever you want, but the reality is that we have to hide and live a lie because our truth is too harsh for us to bear and being the selfish being we are, we are great at avoiding facts which will certainly land us into trouble.
But is it really a trouble- the trouble is relative to the society we change and society we live in is an amalgamation of our mindsets, So, what if every individual deliberately erases the conscious and unconscious wall then the mindset will change and the entire mechanism and workings of the society will change, but then the fear of running into a chaos will loom large but lets face it how many world wars did Dolphins have? and how many did we have? So, is our conscious being that useful or it wont affect us that great if we lose it?