While we are together

Little silly emotions
Prop out their head
and timidly draw back
As if no one ever sees
Sees them smile
Sees them flirt
And see them soaring high
In the night sky
When the moon is bright
The stars are neigh
And we walk by the star light
Holding our hands
Till our heads swoon
And we are dizzy
Then you say with me
Yes me you feel so free
freedom when no emotions
Attached- you feel that with me
And I.... well I shut my emotions down
Throttle them till they can look no more
I drop them from a height
And they fall into an abyss
Of no return
I shut them off
To be with you
To be close to you
Always ever too afraid to
Come into the light
As it may show my scarred face
which is due to my emotions
And then you might leave me
And I cant bear to let you go
So, I keep my throbbing heart at peace
Run a blade through it.
So it stops beating and saying your
Name aloud
But....then it happens that you leave me
And funny but i don't have a heart to stop you
And when you are gone
Your scent lingers
But I have no emotions left
to revel in your misty absence
Which, oh so, reminds me of you.
Funny but i gave away my love
Forever to be in your arms
for the moment which I
Yes I so foolishly thought
Will last forever.......